Hello everyone! After a few months of unannounced hiatus I am happy to announce that we are now back! Due to unfortunate events we lost access to our email and discord. If you have contacted our email or talked to fapparoni in discord since January then please note that that isn’t us. Our new email is An email has also been sent out to all VIP members of discord for your access to the new and upgraded group!

Yes you heard that right, our VIP group has been updated for better experience. You now only have to pay once for lifetime access to all exclusive content. You can read all about it here.

In addition, to make up for the hiatus we will be dumping a total of not less than 50 gigs of content in our VIP area in addition to the already existing 50 gigs of content.


Bitcoin(BTC) – $220 $70 –  First 18 ONLY!! August relaunch promo!!
Bitcoin(BTC) – $220 $100 August relaunch promo!!
Ethereum(ETH) – $220 $100 August relaunch promo!!
Googleplay(US) – $250 120 August relaunch promo!!


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