Selfies Mega Dump

Tons and tons of stuff!

Everything is in here

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3 Responses

  1. maxp says:

    Filedust really sucks. Prevents people with script blockers from access – site exceptions don’t work, and disabling would eliminate moths of prior settings. Completely blocks all the files at dumpz. Tried messin’ around with things but nothing i’ve tried works. Frustrating. Hopefully some future upload of the relevant stuff will go on a different site – all the others work great

    • leakedsauce says:

      You can disable AV then donwload then enable again after you finish. Anyway I have started to put up mirrors to the files I upload. I try to update old posts with mirrors but it’s taking some time. Hopefully I’ll have everything updated soon!

      • maxp says:

        Dunno if something you did worked, or I finally stumbled across a solution, but either way – success…. You sir, are the man. Thx for the info and all your efforts!

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