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We changed our membership deals for better experience. There will be regular and VIP membership and both of them gives lifetime access.

Regular Member

  • The regular members area is a group to access the files in site through megalinks or direct links. Please note that only posts in the site(starting August 2020) will appear in the Member’s area. Only sign up for this if you want to skip the ads, don’t want watermarks, or want to download files via mega/direct.
  • Users can request old files to be reuploaded. Maximum of 10 per week.
  • Members are free to discuss and share their own leaks in the group.

VIP Member

  • All posts in the site will be posted in the group via
  • No ads, No waiting times, no ads, mobile friendly and very fast and easy downloads.
  • A place for like minded people to chat and share their stuff.
  • Each member can regularly request for reups of deadlinks.
  • Exclusive posts – Contributed stuff and other exclusive content available only to members.
  • Immediate access to over 100 gigs of organized content. This collection is updated regularly but you only need to pay once.

If you are interested, send us a mail at LEAKEDSAUCEOFFICIAL@GMAIL.COM. For faster transactions please include what payment method you will use(BTC, ETH, google etc) and what kind of membership you are joining.


PAXFUL – *Highly recommended, no verification needed(for purchases below $1000), takes a couple of minutes to register and buy bitcoin using paypal, bank, credit card, gift certificate and a lot more



Regular Membership for life

Bitcoin(BTC) – $100 $30  limited time promo!!!!
Ethereum(ETH) – $100 $30  limited time promo!!!!

other cryptos(pls pm us for availability)$220$40 limited time promo!!!!
Steam key – $120 $40 limited time promo!!!!
Googleplay(US) – $120 $40 limited time promo!!!!


VIP Membership for life

Bitcoin(BTC) – $220 $90  limited time promo!!!!
Ethereum(ETH) – $220 $90  limited time promo!!!!

other cryptos(pls send us a message to check for availability)
 – $260 $130 limited time promo!!!!
Steam key – $260 130 limited time promo!!!!
Googleplay(US) – $260 130 limited time promo!!!!



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