Cynthia Bunnay aka chibi_cynthia

This one is fresh from the leaks oven. Just a couple of day a huge scandal blew on the FGC(Fighting game community), mainly the smashbros community. Apparently an events company hired a popular FGC girl for a job. However it turned out that she lied about her qualifications, didn’t fulfill her responsibilities, and also manipulated someone to get the job in the first place. You can read the whole story here. There’s apparently a lot of drama in the FGC right now so this is really big.

On a related note it is believed that she once tried to show her tits in exchange for an Amibo

Update 10/24/2016 : Fixed link and added mirrors

Get all the videos and check all the pictures here

Sample pics

70054869_leakedsauce.com___cy.jpg  70054904_leakedsauce.com___cy.jpg

70054918_leakedsauce.com___cy.jpg 70055044_leakedsauce.com___cy.jpg 70055115_leakedsauce.com___cy.jpg

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