Asian Influencers

It’s a long time coming but the Asian Leaks site from our friend is now up and it launches with a bang! Check out a huge dump of Asian Social Media Influencers that have really really great sets even non asian lovers would love!

Check it out here

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10 Responses

  1. Taki says:

    All I get is a blog not found page

    • leakedsauce says:

      Just check back after a few minutes/hours new blogspots will replace it. The influencers are hot topic right now so expect Fappening style blog switches. At least for the next few weeks.

  2. Zorin says:

    It’s still not working mate

    • leakedsauce says:

      Again, and for everyone reporting the downtime. We expect the Asian site to be intermittent in the next few weeks. The influenzers are a hot topic right now so blogspots die fast.

  3. primeape says:

    Ann Hong 3rd until 7th Link for is broken please re-upload ASAP! im begging you please kind sir :))

    • leakedsauce says:

      We’re reupping everything. should have more mirrors tomorrow on the new blog. Since we expect the current one to be deleted soon. As I’ve told before, this is some fappening level topic in asia right now so expect the same level of downtime and blog switches. Just keep checking them guys.

  4. Blink69 says:

    Please post some screencaps or previews. For example the Janina files are a total of 6 gigs and i don’t know what she looks like. Keep it up.

    • leakedsauce says:

      We’ll be doing this soon when the site is more stable. Right now we’re just reupping stuff as soon as we get them, sort of like how the dumpz site worked during the peak of fappening.

  5. Bluest says:

    what happen to the blog? is it gone now?

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