Monthly Archive: July 2016


Britanee Davis

Here’s an MILF nurse who, may not be that hot herself, but loves to share her BF with a lot of hotties. The vids and pics of those will make up for her erm,...


Miranda Duran

She’s an Asian American game developer, graphics artist, and anime otaku(I think that’s what they call themselves) who graduated from the Art Institute of California. Needless, to say not only does she love to...


Danielle Murphy

She’s from Lombard, Illinois and is currently a college in University of Wisconsin studying taking-selfies-while-having sex!


Lyndon Black

Here’s a hot Irish exchange student having a nice time in Salt Lake. The guy who sent this said there might be more videos or pics out there so if you have any then...



Someone sent us this collection of small sets(less than 10 pics each). I decided to put them in one set so it’s more convenient for all of us. Girls’ names are in each folder,...