Monthly Archive: March 2016

Amber Berg

This girl is for those gym rat lovers out there. She’s probably one of the fittest girls that we have her and boy, I guarantee you’d tap that.

Bethany Thurnau

Here’s another really beautiful preschool teacher with really beautiful eyes. She’s one of those gf material women whom you’d gladly take home to your parents and show off to your friends. And there’s that added...

Laura Peebles

She’s from Morgan County and is a resident cheer leader of the basketball team. She went out with several of the players to privately “cheer” for them and when her bf finds out, well you...

Katarina Athanas

Here’s another massive collection of vids and pics from a girl who went in a law school somewhere in Salt Lake, Utah.


There’s always that kind of clingy girl who is bordering in psycho territory. Most of the time we keep our dicks off of them, but what do you do if she looks like this?

Tuğçe Aktaş

This lovely turkish girl from Adana apparently loves to cuck her boyfriend. She sucked someone in Helsinki festival and also some few schoolmates. The best thing for her is that her BF knows and they...

Amanda Grace Gunn

The story of this one is pretty fucked up. Apparently she loves to whore around and there are lots of pictures and videos of her getting destroyed. She loves to have sex and take...

Morgan Woods

She’s a server at Buffalo’s Wings and Bar in Columbia, PA. who also did a bit of army service so that’s a +1 for those of you who have an army fetish. I’m pretty...