Monthly Archive: February 2015

Exgf aka fucktoy

Got this from the mailbox. Our kind contributor says it is his ex gf turned fuck toy. Tons of pictures and videos on this one!

Rachel Elizabeth Versluys

Some guy met this girl online and was smooth enough to receive nudes and videos through sexting. And what do you do with all those nudes? You share them with the internet of course!...

Lisa Palmer

Found tons more of pics and finally know her name. Check the zip file for the new pics.


I found this set of a girl whose pics are being passed of as one from the fappening. Now we know it’s fake.


I don’t know what KJ stands for but she kind of reminds me of that girl from Modern Family. Or is it because of the hair?

Naked Friend

A submission from someone who says these are pictures of his sister’s friend and he found the pictures when he borrowed her phone when she stayed over in their house.