Broken Links List and Status

Latest update January 31, 2015. Jump for the list.

Thanks to all who reported the broken links! Remember if you are still having problems check out our guide on how to download the files.

I receive a lot of Mixed Asian submissions and also a lot of people are asking for more of the asian posts. So I started an Asian Leak section. Check it at or click on the button on the top menu. Have Fun!

Fixed and added mirrors to a bunch of reported posts:

Olivia Bockler
Kristen Lafferty
Ruby Collins
Carolina Gikow
Hot Indian
Smoking Hot Brunnette
Leaked Keenah
Rhian Connor
Chandler Rhea

Started adding more video submissions in our videos site. Check it out on the menu above

Updated Easter Dumpz and started adding mirrors. And please report more broken links guys. I’ll start to fix all current reports too!

Filedust is being weird. If you see a post with no other mirror than filedust then please report it or hit the comments. Thanks!

Tons of links fixed and mirrors added: 

Sarah Hamme
Olivia Ginus
Brooke Wienecke
Yulia Kharlamova
Emma Astbury
Ericka Camacho
Marry Gorrosh
Olivia Bockler
Danni Clanni
Bianca Burton
Karina Fatal

As usual if you are having problems downloading check the guide here first. If it’s still not working then report it with the error you are receiving. Thanks!

We upgraded our host so if you are having some problems pls clear your cookies and cache. Also updated and uploaded new links for ATB compilation as there has been a number of request about it. 

Corrected Hannah Gallagher and Gabbie Burwell which accidentally swapped titles. Also fixed all of the legit reports of broken links. 

The oc megadump has been fixed. Check it here

The guide for downloading has been updated. Check it if you are having problems. Around 50% of broken report links are not real and could easily be solved if you follow the steps from the guide. Check it here


If you bump into any broken links, try the mirror. If neither works or if there is no mirror then hit the comments or the chatbox!

REMEMBER : All comments, chats and reports are anonymous. You only leave your email if you want to get a reply.

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