Elizabeth Anthony

The guy who sent this had a lot to say about her. Check it out after the jump!

Elizabeth Anthony is pretty unique. She is a recent college graduate in psychology from Clovis, CA. Elizabeth is blonde, in reasonably good shape, with small breasts, wavy hair, and a biggish bottom. She has a tattoo on her upper shoulder (hard to make out) and a distinctive mole next to her asshole, with a smaller hard to make out mole to the left of her labia. Like many recent college graduates, she is analytical, somewhat serious, and intellectual. She has a definitive geeky side, enjoying niche cultural influences such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and perhaps most importantly, the character of Robin from Batman. Like a some girls her age, she has a somewhat secret side to her life– related to sex, eroticism, and BDSM. Only with Elizabeth, it’s really NOT so secret after all. She is quite “out there” about her love of sex, more sex, and even more sex– mostly with men but sometimes with women. She likes sex toys, orgies, creampies, anal, and orients herself to the submissive side of things with a heavy “baby girl” flavor. Like most people, she at least makes a half-assed effort to keep the erotic and day to day parts of her life separate and distinct from one another– but unlike most people she is either spectacularly ineffective or maybe just doesn’t care enough to use different aliases. OOPS.

Elizabeth is usually some variant of “Geek” and “a Robin reference” as in “The Geeky Wonder” in lots of social media. Elizabeth is on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook using variations of the handles above. She routinely attends orgy parties with a private group called located in Arizona. That’s right… she drives from Clovis CA to Arizona specifically to attend sex parties, which are well documented, with her face showing in several positions and often with her various orifices presented for inspection before and after sex. Not much of a secret, she’s proud of it!  There are several instances of her receiving cock from various strangers of any kind of ethnicity. She does enjoy herself, and doesn’t claim to be an innocent, as you can see. I respect her honesty, but, WOW, I have never seen a girl put it “out there” like she does! Enjoy.

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Sample Pics

107234414_leakedsauce.com___elizabeth_a.png 107234415_leakedsauce.com___elizabeth_a.jpg 107234405_leakedsauce.com___elizabeth_a.png

107234404_leakedsauce.com___elizabeth_a.png  107234406_leakedsauce.com___elizabeth_a.png 107234408_leakedsauce.com___elizabeth_a.png 107234411_leakedsauce.com___elizabeth_a.jpg

107234413_leakedsauce.com___elizabeth_a.png  107234416_leakedsauce.com___elizabeth_a.png 107234417_leakedsauce.com___elizabeth_a.png

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