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Brad Petrey and Lani Weissenbach

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    So this is a fresh one. A couple of days ago some teacher accidentally left his Photobucket account public and it contained tons of pictures(700+) including text messages that proves he was having an affair with a former student of his. They apparently started to get close when she was in his class and later on committed to a full time relationship once she finished school. This would have been okay but the catch is that the guy is married and to top it off, he is a teacher in a catholic school and has a very moral reputation. It’s really a big issue right now so go and take a look for yourselves guys!

    Update 12/24/2016 : Updated content and links

    Download set here



    Sample pics

    68531117_leakedsauce.com___br.jpg 68531121_leakedsauce.com___br.jpg 68531125_leakedsauce.com___br.jpg 68531130_leakedsauce.com___br.jpg
     68531134_leakedsauce.com___br.jpg 68531139_leakedsauce.com___br.jpg 

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