The guy who submitted this said he scraped it from 4chan during a dump thread. Said there was more and that he missed any info about her. There’s a lot of pictures and videos though. If anyone knows her name or any info about her, or if you just have more then hit me!


Update 1/5/2017 : Fixed Links and Updated Files

Download set here

Sample pics


79022231_004___i021fll.jpg 79022232_006___cllccje.jpg 79022249_016___54qwety.jpg

79022237_011___cj13hew.jpg 79022243_012___z6tdesu.jpg

79022255_027___2wsldwm.jpg 79022261_032___zy91zic.jpg

79022267_035___n5autw1.jpg 79022273_054___xsesf9z.jpg

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