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    We are now on a stable host. Feel free to give your feedback.

    Current list of broken links:
    Jennie Donsi
    Shereene Eckstrom
    Evans Sisters
    Vanessa Rand
    YouNow Leaks
    Melissa Potts

    Post more broken links in chat or comments.
    Striked = fixed



    UPDATE 01/02/2014
    Hey guys, I took note of all the reported bad links and will fix it in the 4th or 5th. If you run into anymore broken links please hit the comments or the chatbox. Greatestleak and the other sites will also be fixed around that time. For the meantime enjoy our updates.

    Greatestleak, liveleaklist and dumpz are currently down due to bloggedporn having problems with the accounts. Everything is backed up though so I’ll move it in a new host tomorrow. As usual check our pastebin for updates.

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