Monthly Archive: June 2016

Jessica Colina

She works as a manager in a Currency Exchange firm in Florida. Apparently she had sex with tons of ex office mates from her previous jobs and also with her brother.

Alex Darling

She works as an assistant at a production company in Philadelphia where she started fresh off graduation. One of her coworkers who may or may not be her ex boyfriend found these pics when she...

Sammantha Yother

This hot chick from Florida is a graduate of USF and is currently a practicing vet. She’s one of those submissive sluts that secretly loves to get degraded and exposed all over so let’s...

Emily aka Lochness

The guy who sent this said that isn’t her name but just the label he got for the set. If any of you have any info or more of her then hit us up!

CK Affair

CK Affair

So a few years ago there’s this set called CK affair that went viral due to a guy “documenting” his exploits with cheating girls. It took a while but we now have actual videos...